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2021 theme Exist

Long after we human cease to live, part of who we are, what we did, wrote, said or stood for keep on existing, and sometimes echo towards eternity.

A verse from Gibran’s Prophet; the resonance of Martin Luther King’s dream; the letters of Einstein’s equation; the resilience of humans and their eagerness for freedom, justice, and dignity.

2021 is an opportunity to reflect on priorities, values and a way of life in harmony with our planet, and its fauna and flora. It is the time to reset and exist on all levels. It is also the time to be positive and forceful.

Amongst the most challenging times for Lebanon, with a financial crisis of unprecedented scale and the global COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 was no exception to us. We have fulfilled the promise with the support of our exceptional partners: a yearly platform for short films in Beirut, since 2009.

Interested in sharing your point of view on our theme? Have you captured deep or funny situations throughout the years leading to 2020? Send us your short film or make one!

By now, you know where we are and how to reach us. We have marked our territory!

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