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2016 theme Byblos Edition 3

The Municipality of Jbail and Laboratoire d'Art come together to celebrate the short film format as an alternative form of cinematic expression and to champion international, regional and Lebanese talents, creating an annual rendezvous where directors, actors, production houses mingle and meet with the public.

Based upon the success story of eight editions in Beirut and two in Jbail, in addition to international ones in various venues around the world such as Vancouver, Rome and York, Cabriolet Film Festival (CFF) - Byblos 2016 is organized with Universite Antonine's academic partnership, and in collaboration with Goethe-Institut and the Istituto Italiano di Cultura.

Some of the best shorts screened over the past seasons of CFF - Beirut in addition to new submissions including an array of German films will be presented to the public in the unique open air setting of the Roman Alley.

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