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2011 theme Public Space

It was with great pleasure that we organized the third consecutive Cabriolet Film Festival (CFF). This third installment of CFF was a testament to how the festival had grown over the past three years, bringing together short films from a wide spectrum of the world of cinema.

In 2011 as in the previous two years, CFF featured local and international short films; however, an innovation brought forward by the festival had been the adoption of a specific theme for participating short films set as “public space”. This theme was chosen as a tribute to the true essence of CFF which is to celebrate and promote local and international short films as an independent form of art in a non-competitive, public, and “accessible to all” event.

In 2011, the team screened short films from Belgium, Finland, Spain, Slovenia, Ireland, United Kingdom, Turkey, Croatia, Germany, France, Poland, Sweden, Netherlands, Hungary, Algeria, Egypt, Switzerland, and Denmark.

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