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Freedom. A sacred right that is given to all human beings by birth despite the burdens of space, time and circumstances. It is the will to be free that makes a person’s doings and opinions count. But freedom pairs with responsibility and by choosing any form of physical and intellectual expression, men and women are accountable, sometimes glorified, for the actions and thoughts they spread.
Over thousands of years, people fought for freedom of land, speech, way of life, idea… they fought for the right to be whoever they want to be.
In 2018, Cabriolet Film Festival celebrates a milestone: 10 years of adventures, hard work and, above all, fulfillment – being true to a mission. It’s a Copper Jubilee for us, and just like one of the main properties of this metal, this year we will keep on acting as conductors of ideas, and on providing a platform for filmmakers, a space where differences are accepted and applauded. Let’s celebrate “Freedom”, the theme of Cabriolet Film festival 2018!

  2. There is no restriction to the number of films that can be submitted by an individual or an entity. However, each submitted films requires a separate submission form.
  3. Short films in all guises (including 3D) with no restriction to country are welcomed.
  4. Short films may not exceed 20 minutes. There is no minimum running time.
  5. English subtitles are required, even if the short film is in English.
  6. The deadline for submission is April 1, 2018.
  7. Directors whose shorts are selected will grant CFF the rights to use parts from the film(s), and this only for promotional purposes (before, during, and after the festival).
  8. CFF will not be held responsible for copyright claims that may arise from improper use of intellectual property rules.
  9. For any inquiries, send your email to

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